The Circle of Poetry

Please e-mail us with any fat-positive poetry,
stories or drawings you wish included.

Note:Some of the pieces I've written, and others which may come from others, will contain varying levels of romance and lovemaking; parents concerned with their children's internet viewing may wish to examine these to come to their own judgments; children viewing this page are encouraged to discuss this with your parents before going on.


Guest Poet Albert Esse
I Wonder If She Knows

Twenty-Four Haikus About the 2003 BBW Vegas Bash

The Bending of the Bars

Pieces of Heaven

The Too-Tight Pants Dance

Softly Falling

Today's Gift

Four Short Poems: Chastity Belt, Backcurled Knees, Swivelhips, Tearyeye

Phenomenal Woman, by Maya Angelou


Hips Out to Here