Twenty-Four Haikus About the 2003 BBW Vegas Bash


Just got home from work.
Get the goods packed up to go,
For the long journey.

Highway 58

Flat land at an end.
Up I rise into the stars.
More hills lie ahead.

Racing Dawn

East horizon glows.
Down the last big hill I blaze.
Gold rays cross my path.

Thermal Crush

Stepping out of doors.
Sun and air weigh down on me,
Strangely comforting.

First Morning

Early I arrive.
No one here is awake yet.
Patiently I roam.


Here, Fyre and Talon
make up guest packs in bright bags.
Friends start to appear.


Night falls in the town.
Old and new friends come to sing,
Setting a great mood.


"I take hugs," she said.
Into my arms I took her,
Heavy, sweet, lovely.

Swimming in the Day

Refreshingly cool,
Swimming and bouncing beach balls,
Fountain streams arching.

Friday Dance

Rhythm, Momentum,
Resonant in the darkness,
Bass booms rippling.


Bright colors and shapes.
Mischievous smile as I watch
How she fills them out.


Gracefully they lay
Skillful hands, working deeply,
Relaxed and renewed.


Hung from the ceiling,
Huge and glowing orbs portend
A big night of dance.


Raven-haired beauty's
Deep eyes sparkle in the dark,
Sweet voice warms my heart.

Line Dance

At raven's request,
Cat ventures into the line,
Clumsily learning. :P


Fresh from a good slam,
Drinking like I never do,
Taming compact flames.


When they are all here,
Their beauty makes my bones hum

Swimming After Hours

Hot from the dancing,
Bashers go for cool or warm
Water to relax.


Balls of feet aching,
A few tender presses there
Help to soothe the pain.

Dawn Approaching

Eastern sky brightening,
I turn in now, not knowing
Who will be the last.


We all gather now
With these pens we signify:
True friends forever.

Highway 120

Curving road rises,
On the way to Lee Vining.
Those stones look fleshy.


Desert surrenders.
Trees sprout up from brown dry ground.
Plunge into forest.


The long ride is done.
Finishing beautiful thoughts
Before a deep sleep.