I Wonder If She Knows
by Albert Esse

I wonder if she knows
Just how much
I admire her each day
As she walks by?

Her opulent proportions
Are accented
By the gentle bounce
In her walk.

I wonder if she knows
How much it's come to mean
That I can start each day
With the favor of her grace and beauty?

She passes only steps a way,
Yet it is a great expanse
Because her perfect loveliness
Ironically intimidates.

I wonder if she knows
That her charm and style
Make her seem so unapproachable,
So humbling, so awe-inspiring?

For she is a waking dream
In her perfect manifestation
Of the true natural form
With a certain delicacy.

I wonder if she knows
That she has so much reason
To be confident
And proud of who she is?

She is no ordinary woman;
In every possible way,
She is more of everything
And everything that is more.

I wonder if she knows
Who Rubens was,
And that she so embodies
What he strove to depict?

Surely he would have loved
To have her sit for him
That he might convey
Her beauty to the world.

I wonder if she knows
That she is a Big Beautiful Woman?

~ al ~