BODacious Magazine's Unofficial Afterparty

and cover art unveiling.

The party took place at the Lagoon Pool.

Beautiful swimwear does a body good.

The central event of the party was the unveiling of the cover art for the next volume of the magazine.

Dawn found herself an accidental subject for this shot, but still a happy one.

Zik shows off the cover art with Dawn and Sofia, the models which appear on the cover.

Kat adds her own charms to the mix.

Fire Art Dance Performance

At midnight, a local fire dancing group performed at the north side of the pool area.

Included here are the standard conversion of the video....

....and also an iMovie edit which adds ghost trails to the spinning flames.

Now comes the truly mischievous part of the story......

This is Valerie, a web model who was celebrating her first outing to a BBW conference. Her deeply pear-shaped proportions started catching many an eye, including those of some of our Italian contingent.

Not to be left out of the fun, I started snapping a few pictures at the same time.

I always like the way a curvy gal looks from the side.

Zik, the editor of BOD, saw me taking this picture, then came over and told me he'd thought up a pose for which I'd be perfect. As I came over with him to see what he had in mind, he asked Valerie to bend over, then picked me up and plopped me on her back.....

What a ride!!!!!!!!!!


Now remember, this is an individual who says on her site that she weighs 433 pounds. Remember, our adversaries want the public to think that everyone this size is debilitated and impaired. And here she is, carrying not only her own weight but 140 pounds extra on her back. Health At Every Size, it's a beautiful thing!

You, you do know I only did this to make a political point, right? (tee hee)

The audience of late-staying die-hards seemed amused.....

We departed with a last glimpse of the cover art signed by the models.

Great party! The BOD Squad strikes again!!!!